Whispers of Doubt

February 9, 2014 — 2 Comments
Background Photo Credit: Jeff Weston via photopin cc

Background Photo Credit: Jeff Weston via photopin cc

The all-too-familiar voice was back, luring me in with its all-too-familiar whispers:

Who do you think you are?
You don’t have what it takes.
Do you really think you can make a difference?
You just aren’t the leader to make this thing grow.
You should just give up now — nothing will ever change.
When are you going to learn? Nothing you do matters.
Don’t take too big of a leap. What happens if it fails? Or when it fails? Cause, let’s be honest, it’s going to fail.

Most days, I’m able to brush the whispers away with little to no effort. I know they aren’t true. I know that voice and the one who is behind that voice. I know the true purpose of those whispers and their goal to derail me from what God has called me to do.

Most days.

But some days, brushing them away is not so easy. Some days, those mild whispers echo with the magnitude of a thousand bullhorns in my head, dragging me down into a spiral of apathy, laziness, and depression. Or, worse yet, the whispers trick me into believing they are nothing more than common sense — my rational brain pointing out the obvious.

Nothing will ever change.

A Constant Companion

We don’t like talking about doubt in most Christian circles. It’s seen as northing more than a four-letter word masquerading as a five-letter word. Doubt is evil, the opposite of faith, and any minute inkling of doubt should be instantly and ruthlessly snuffed out.

Except for one small problem:

Whenever you choose to walk into the destiny God placed on your life, whenever you man- or woman-up to the calling before you, doubt isn’t far behind.

Oftentimes, doubt and destiny hold hands with one another.

And it’s perfectly normal.

God often calls us to lives distant from what we can believe. He woos us to something greater than we can imagine doing ourselves. He places a destiny on us that, quite frankly, scares the crap out of most people (can I write crap in a blogpost about God?!).

Is it any wonder then why doubt would accompany destiny?

If that voice is whispering doubts into your head about what God has called you to do, good. It likely means He has placed a pretty powerful destiny on your life and the one behind the voice is trying to stop you from fulfilling it.

Don’t give in to the whispers.

Every great man and woman of destiny wrestled with doubt.
Why do you think it would be any different for you?

Question: Where is doubt trying to speak into and derail your destiny?

Jason Vana

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Jason is an imaginative leader with a heart to ignite younger generations to impact the world for Christ. He currently lives in Monmouth, Illinois, and oversees Ignite Student Ministries - a dynamic ministry to ignite youth, young adults and university students to passionately pursue Christ and transform society in high schools, work places and universities around the world.
  • http://danblackonleadership.com/ Dan Black

    I think we all face doubt. It’s those who break free from the lies of doubt that do great things for the Kingdom of God. Great post Jason!

  • http://www.lifeofasteward.com Loren Pinilis

    Powerful post, Jason. Just what I needed to hear. The enemy tries to discourage us but we can’t be ignorant to his schemes.