fulfilling promise

Friday marks the start of my eleventh trip to the Czech Republic.

The four of us that make up this year’s team will board a plane and begin the 15 hour journey that will take us from Chicago to Liberec — our first stop on this year’s trip.

To say I am excited is an understatement.

You see, on top of my normal excitement that surrounds a trip to Czech, this year’s trip will mark a lot of firsts for me and for Ignite:

  • Our first time visiting and doing ministry in Liberec
  • Our first time going to Germany (minus navigating through the Frankfurt or Munich airports)
  • Our first time working with youth in Bohumin — a city I preached in during my second trip to Czech back in 2007
  • Our first time leading an official Youth Leadership Conference
  • My first time having a working phone while in Czech

As I’ve reflected over this trip, and prayed about what God might want to do during our time in-country, I began to realize something:

Every single one of those “firsts” is the start of God fulling promises He made me eight years ago.

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Trusting God’s Plan

May 3, 2015 — 1 Comment

trusting God's plan

I had a pretty rough weekend.

Friday night, I watered the new bushes and vegetable plants, only to find out the outside spigot for my water hose didn’t want to turn off.

After 10 minutes of twisting, turning and yelling a few Christian cuss words at it, I finally got it to stop. But I knew it needed to be replaced.

So I made a plan. Saturday afternoon I was going to take an hour, pull the knob off, replace the innards, get it all put back together again and go about my day.

I forgot one vital fact: my house is 100 years old.

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evernote to do list

I’m a fairly busy individual.

Between working full time, running Ignite (an international nonprofit ministry), writing for Sweet Fish Media, taking on graphic design projects for clients, writing for my own blog, as well as the typical living tasks (cleaning, buying groceries, cooking, laundry, dishes, making trips to the bank), it’s near impossible for me to keep everything I need to do straight.

For years, I’ve tried to find some kind of program or app or system that would help me stay on top of my daily and weekly to-do lists, to no avail.

The To-Do list programs I found were either too complicated (I don’t have time to categorize, set start times and deadlines, assign it to a project) or couldn’t be used on all the essential platforms I needed (MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC).

I need something as simple to use as writing tasks on a piece of paper, but convenient enough to access it wherever I am. I mean, what if I’m in the bathroom and remember I have something I need to get done?

Simple and accessible everywhere. The solution I’ve found: Evernote.
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god's power

The Prosperity Gospel.

Those three words evoke strong emotional responses from Christians around the world.

The idea that God wants to make you wealthy, provide you with the biggest house, grant you a brand new Cadillac, take away every sickness in your body, turn every day into a Friday, make your life comfortable, easy, and full of every possession you could ever want in your life ever (yes, I meant to repeat the word ever) is a bit off base.

And by a bit, I mean a lot.

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10 disciplines of a godly man

Matt Chandler once said, “We’ve got a lot of boys with beards these days.”  His statement couldn’t be truer.

You just need to look around your neighborhood, workplace, schools, cities, even your church, to see a bunch of little boys parading around as men. No responsibility, no commitment, choosing video games over work, racking up thousands of dollars of debt on toys, handing off leadership of their families to their wives, looking for validation of their manhood in everything from sports to lifting weights to fancy cars.

Most men get their idea of manhood from anything and everything — magazine, TV shows, movies, professional athletes, the cool guy down the street. But as a Christian, our image of true manhood should come from one source: Jesus.

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